Welcome folks! If you are in the hunt for real estate and property in the beautiful town of Tivat, Montenegro, you've landed on the right page. Now why would you be anywhere else, huh? Our team is excited to help you uncover the best deals, top spots, and unbelievable values. By the way, don't forget to ring us up or drop us a line to get even more tailored offers, because who doesn't love personalized options, right?

Speaking of price tags, real estate in Tivat is kind of a mixed bag. We've got affordable starter homes for those just stepping onto the property ladder. Think €2000-€3000 per square meter. Of course, if you've set your sights on the luxurious, beachfront real estate, be prepared to see prices anywhere from €7000 to an eye-watering €10000 per square meter. But let me tell ya, the views are worth every penny!


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Owning property in Tivat isn't just about bricks and mortar. It's about investing in a lifestyle. It's about waking up to the beautiful Adriatic Sea every morning or sipping coffee with the stunning Lovćen mountain range as your backdrop. It comes with a superb coastal climate too, not like you won't be enjoying the sunny beaches and shimmering waters right at your doorstep.

Tivat is not just a city; it's a vibe. Life here is calm and laid-back, but full of rich experiences. The locals are welcoming, and you'll feel at home in no time. And hey, how 'bout this for a fun fact, Tivat is home to the luxurious Porto Montenegro, one of the Mediterranean's premier yacht marinas. Fancy, huh?

In regard to our services, we don't just find you a property; we're your companions in this journey. We provide round-the-clock support and our tailored services are created precisely to fit your needs. So, how about that tour of available listings in Tivat? Better yet, plan a visit with us to personally experience the charm of Tivat! We're absolutely on top of our game. Just call or write to us whenever you are ready to make the best decision of your life. No pressure though, take your time!