By building your own house, you create your own personal kingdom to feel good

Montenegro is a small country on the Balkan Peninsula, which, with its geographical location, foreigner-friendly legislation and favorable procurement prices, is an ideal place for construction. Take advantage of the growth of the country for yourself and create your own oasis of well-being!

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The special thing about Montenegro

Montenegro (Montenegrin: Crna Gora) is a republic in southeastern Europe, which formerly belonged to Yugoslavia and has been independent since 2006. It is located directly on the southeastern Adriatic coast and is surrounded by the states of Bosnia/Herzegovina, Albania, Kosovo, Serbia and Croatia. Montenegro used to be an insider tip in the tourism sector, but it has been catching up seriously for a few years now. More and more people are captivated by the picturesque landscape, the good food and the pleasant climate and want not only to spend their holidays there, but also to live there.

See for yourself why Montenegro is so attractive for home builders:

  • Montenegro benefits from a mediterranean climate. The summer months are dry, sunny and warm. In the winter months the temperatures are moderate. So it is a perfect country for people who like to have it warm.
  • Montenegro has low income and property taxes for foreign investors.
  • Which Prices compared to other European countries significantly cheaper.
  • Montenegro attracts tourists from all over the world. In the Construction of houses investing can be very lucrative when these are later rented to tourists especially on the coast.
  • The economy of Montenegro is growing and there is potential for development not only in the tourism industry. Especially in the areas of Energy, Transport and Technology investing can be a long-term profitable be.
  • Which stable political situation and Compliance with European values provides the housebuilders with a additional feeling of confidence for your investment.

The advantages of a new building in Montenegro

If you want to live permanently in Montenegro and paying rent is out of the question for you, you have two options.

On the one hand, you can get a Buy existing property on the other hand, you can also Build or have your own home built by yourself.

A newly built house offers you many advantages:

  • For the new construction, you can choose exactly the place that is most attractive and convenient for you. Thus, they are free to choose your future place of residence.
  • You can buy the new house according to your wishes and needs planning and designing.
  • A new building can less time as a search for a suitable existing property that meets all equipment criteria.
  • In the case of a new building, you can use the Determine the quality of building materials and services yourself.
  • Which Cost a newly built house is more low as the purchase of an existing property.

How much does it cost to build a house in Montenegro?

The construction price for a house in Montenegro is composed of several items:
  • The purchase of a land plot: A plot of about 500 m² on the coast it costs about 150,000 €. The further you move away from the sea and big cities, the cheaper the plot will be.
  • Property tax: depending on the region about 120-180 € per m²
  • Obtaining all permits: min. 5.000 €
  • Construction of the house by own contribution (incl. Materials, services, rental of special equipment, furnishings and other): from 700-800 € per m²

In total, the price of a house in Montenegro will be about 300.000 - 350.000 € conduct. This price is often cheaper than buying a finished house.

If you want to be involved in the house construction as little as possible, you can also hire a company that will hand over your new house to you on a turnkey basis.

The process of building a house in 11 steps

So that you know exactly how the construction of your new house is going on, we explain this process in the following section:
  1. Step: Selection of the building land As a German prospective buyer, you are looking for the right building plot within an urban zone. Often the building land is already specially designated.
  2. Step: Purchase of the building land The purchase of the building land is clearly regulated by the Montenegrin laws and regulations. In addition to these usual regulations, however, you do not have to meet any specific requirements.
  3. Step: receipt of proof of ownership (“list nepokretnosti”) This is the written proof that you are the official owner of the building land. This is absolutely necessary for all further processes.
  4. Step: Application for the ”urban and technical conditions“ (UTC) in your new municipality This document contains guidelines for your new house, which have been specified by the municipality. It regulates details about the type of building, the maximum permissible building area and the number of floors. For the application you will need the proof of ownership (“list nepokretnosti”) and the corridor map of the land plot. The application costs 50 € and takes about 15 to 30 days to process.
  5. Step: Planning your house (= conceptual design) After receiving the document of the UTC, you can start planning your new house together with an architect. Based on your ideas and the UTC, he creates a planning draft of the house.
  6. Step: Consent of the city architect The city architect must agree to the draft plan. The granting of this permit is free of charge and takes about 15 to 30 days.
  7. Step: Design of the final construction plan After the consent of the city architect, a licensed architectural bureau begins the extended planning of house construction. Together with civil engineers, the house will be constructed in detail and equipped with electrics and the necessary equipment.
  8. Step: External Examination A licensed company reviews the final construction plan of the architectural bureau. In doing so, it must approve all technical and design aspects of the proposed construction plan. The company also collects all the necessary documents and permits for the start of construction.
  9. Step: Payment of property tax As a house builder, you conclude a contract with the municipality about the property tax due. The amount of this tax varies from municipality to municipality and depends on the zone where your property is located. You can ask for the exact amount in the municipality or from your architect.
  10. Step: Submission of the construction application The building application is submitted to the ”Ministry for Sustainable Development and Tourism". The required documents include:
    • Proof of ownership
    • Concept design of the house
    • Final planning draft
    • Approval of the final construction plan
    • Proof of the property tax paid
    • the present contract with the construction company
  11. Step: Start of construction 15 Days after submitting the building application to the ministry, you can start building your new home.

Possible traps when building a house and how to avoid them

Montenegro is a very bureaucratic country, where the mills grind slowly, similar to Germany. Especially for you as a German investor, who sometimes still has a poor command of the language, it will be difficult to fight your way through the Montenegrin bureaucracy jungle alone.

Our tip: Put as many administrative procedures as possible in the hands of professionals, such as notaries, lawyers or companies that specialize in house construction. These people should ideally be Montenegrin and at least be able to speak English. In any case, they are very familiar with the individual processes and can support you at every step.

For the authorities, the documentation of your house construction is very important. Starting from the design, the correct dimensions and ending with the materials used, it is necessary to note all the necessary information.

Our tip: Find a professional contractor who will take over the detailed project documentation for your house. He should have the necessary knowledge and sufficient experience to meet possible deadlines and complete the construction quickly. Depending on the location, your new house will probably be exposed to different climatic conditions. This can include serious temperature fluctuations, continuous rain or extreme cold, which burden the building fabric.

Our tip: Use high-quality building materials and pay attention to professional workmanship. If you save in the wrong place, the joy of your house will not last long. In the worst case, you will have to invest again later, for example, to fix large-scale mold infestation.

How we can support you in building a house

We not only broker existing properties, but we also help you with the construction of your new home in Montenegro. We work together with a permanent partner and can therefore offer you a turnkey house with our complete service or support you only with special tasks within the construction process. You can benefit from experienced brokers, creative architects and professional lawyers in our team.

We can offer you the following services:

  • Working during house construction
    • Earthworks, foundations and laying of floor slabs (inside and outside)
    • complete roofing works
    • Installation of retaining walls and fences
    • Dismantling of old buildings and concrete structures
    • Masonry work on interior and exterior walls
    • Construction of underground and overland parking lots
    • Ready-to-use swimming pools, ponds and septic tanks
    • Asphalting of paths, access roads and driveways
  • Finishing touches & Theses
    • Installation of electrical, plumbing, heating and ventilation equipment
    • Installation of windows, interior and exterior doors, as well as railings and fences for terraces and garages
    • Thermal insulation of facades and stylish natural stone cladding
    • Plasterwork and painting, plasterboard, stretch ceilings, contemporary lighting, screed work, parquet and tile laying
    • Complete waterproofing of basements, terraces and roofs
    • Production and installation of pergolas, furniture and decorative elements (made of natural wood)
At the same time, we have other services in our offer:
  • Architecture & Design
    • 3D Sketches & Concept Design
    • Project Planning & Design
    • Renovation of historical objects
    • Provision of relevant documents
  • Detailed documentation
    • Registration, commissioning and legalization of new buildings
    • Practical completion of building permits for real estate
  • Technical supervision by engineers
    • Organization & management of contractors
    • Highly qualified & licensed local knowledge
    • Technical support in ALL construction phases
    • Guidance of foreign workers
  • Rental of special machines
    • Crane
    • Trucks (for the transport of crushed stones, earths, ...)
    • Excavators, rollers, vibrating Wacker plates
    • Asphalt laying and road paving machines

Create the perfect oasis of well-being with your own home in Montenegro!

With a self-built house, you can finally fulfill your long-awaited dream of living. Whether you are interested in a turnkey house or want to build your own home yourself - we will support you where you need help. Contact us now and you will soon be able to enjoy your own four walls under the Montenegrin sun! Get in touch