How to buy a house or villa in Montenegro: options, prices

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Many tourists are planning to buy their own house on the Adriatic coast of Montenegro. There are many excellent options for purchase in the real estate market of Montenegro. Prices for houses are quite democratic in this actively developing European country.
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We will share information about the procedure for purchasing a house or villa in Montenegro, which real estate and where it is better to buy, the procedure for buying a home.

What are the advantages of buying a house in Montenegro

Real estate in Montenegro is often considered by foreigners for emigration and investment. A house on the coast of the pure Adriatic Sea can also be used as a cozy residence for summer holidays. Consider all the advantages of buying real estate in this picturesque Balkan country.
Advantages of buying a private house in Montenegro:
  • business prospects, it is possible to organize a profitable business in the field of tourism;
  • the country has a visa-free regime for many nationalities;
  • reasonable prices for the maintenance of residential facilities;
  • optimal prices per square meter;
  • a large selection of private houses, villas and cottages in different localities of the country;
  • the possibility of obtaining a residence permit on simplified terms with subsequent registration of permanent residence;
  • a private house in the resort towns of Montenegro can be rented profitably to tourists during the peak season, getting an excellent income.

Montenegro is an ecologically clean country, comfortable for recreation and permanent residence. There are many foreigners here, a hospitable population, and a low crime rate. The infrastructure is well developed. There are a lot of advantages of living in Montenegro in your own house. Foreigners choosing this country for emigration are not disappointed in their decision over the years.

Types of houses in Montenegro for sale

You can buy real estate in Montenegro on the primary and secondary market. A huge selection of private houses of different sizes and equipment is available to buyers.
Types of houses in Montenegro for purchase:
  • ready-to-live houses with panoramic views of the coast;
  • new buildings for finishing and repair;
    luxury villas with modern designer renovation and full equipment (furniture, household appliances);
  • budget economy class houses;
    private houses with spacious land plots, cozy terraces, balconies, swimming pools on the territory.

There are a lot of options. You can study all the current offers from the owners on the real estate sale website. Keep in mind that there is no way to put everything relevant on the Internet. If you really want to find an interesting villa or house, then fill out the request form for a similar object and we will inform you about the options you need.

In which place is it better to buy a house in Montenegro

There are many cozy villages and cities in Montenegro where you can buy a private house or villa for permanent residence, recreation or for commercial purposes.

If the buyer is interested in renting out a house, it is necessary to consider options in resort settlements located on the Adriatic coast: Budva, Bar, Tivat, Kotor, Sutomore, Petrovac, Herceg Novi, etc.

Housing in these cities will also be of interest to buyers considering real estate for vacation or permanent residence in Montenegro with the opportunity to organize their own business related to tourism.

Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro, will also be a good option for emigrants. There is no seashore here, but the infrastructure and cultural life are well developed. There are kindergartens, schools, medical centers, as well as various businesses where qualified specialists can get a permanent job.

The cost of a house or villa in Montenegro

In comparison with other European countries, real estate prices in Montenegro are the most acceptable.

The most expensive houses are located in the coastal cities of the country, where tourism is developed. Tivat and Budva are the leaders in terms of prices per 1 m2. An order of magnitude cheaper real estate in the central part of Montenegro. True, there is no seashore in these cities, but it is quite suitable for permanent residence. Getting to the sea will not be difficult, there is a well-developed transport interchange in the country, public transport runs in all directions.

How to buy a house in Montenegro for a foreigner

Citizens from any country can freely purchase a private house or villa in Montenegro, observing the general rules of registration of a real estate transaction. You can choose a suitable option for buying yourself by studying the current ads on online sales sites or using the services of our realtors from specialized agencies.

As soon as the house for purchase is selected, it is necessary to check all the documents for the property, the absence of encumbrances, the availability of permits for sale from co-owners (if several persons have the right to real estate). Experienced specialists from a real estate agency will quickly cope with this work.

Further actions:

  1. Collection of documentation for submission to the notary office.
  2. Registration of a preliminary contract with a notary with a deposit of 10% of the cost of a private house selected for purchase.
  3. On the appointed day, accompanied by a lawyer and a Russian-speaking translator, a purchase and sale transaction is executed.
  4. The contract specifies the period during which the buyer must pay the remaining amount of debt for the purchased house. The money is transferred to the seller's bank account.
  5. After receiving the payment, the seller writes a receipt.
  6. The notary sends the third copy of the contract to the Cadastre, where the real estate object is already being re-registered in the name of the new owner.
  7. The buyer receives a certificate of ownership of a residential building in Montenegro and pays tax on the purchase of real estate.

On average, it takes 1 month to process documents in the Cadastral Center. After this period, the buyer becomes the rightful owner of a private house in Montenegro.