Hey there! Super excited to have you here looking into the real estate and property scene in Zabljak, Montenegro. Trust me, it's quite the catch. Why not hit us up to get a peek at some fab offers for property in this charming locality? You wouldn't want to miss out!

Zabljak, though a little offbeat, packs plenty of punch when it comes to real estate value. On average, you'd be looking at around €1,000 – €1,500 per square meter for an apartment in town. If you're after a cozy house, reckon around €80,000 – €150,000. Affordable, right? But trust me, it's worth every penny.


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House in Mezdo 1+2 90m2 is for sale
  • Furniture
Village 20000 m2 with 16 houses for sale in Zabljak
  • New building
2-story home 160 m2 in Zabljak with mountain view
  • New building
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Owning property in Zabljak is like hitting the jackpot. Perch yourself amidst untouched nature, with the awe-inspiring Durmitor National Park as your backyard. Owning a property here, your getaway home or permanent haven is sorted. Plus, the return on investments is pretty solid too. It's a win-win.

Living in Zabljak is like being on a permanent vacation. It's tucked away in nature's lap, with stunning peaks and serene lakes as far as your eyes can see. If you're an adventure junkie, trust me, the place won't disappoint. Ever heard of the Tara Canyon? It's the deepest in Europe! Go rafting, skiing, hiking, or simply soak in the tranquility. Pure bliss!

As an agency, we're your best bet for property hunting in Zabljak. Our top-grade services include everything from scouting the right property, handling paperworks, to even getting you the best possible deal. So why wait? Ping us right away for hot property listings or to schedule a visit. Let's find you that dream home in Zabljak!

And that's it folks, your primer to residential bliss in Zabljak. Shoot us a message! Looking forward to making your real estate fantasies come true. Voya!

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