Hey, you must be here in search of a little slice of paradise in the form of real estate and property in Uteha, Montenegro, right? Well, then you're in luck! We've got the holy grail of property listings right here, brimming with all kinds of amazing opportunities in Uteha. Want to get the full picture? Don't wait, drop us a line for the hottest deals.

So, about those average prices. Real estate in Uteha has got a wide range, folks. You can snag a comfy 1-bedroom apartment for about €50,000. Need something a bit roomier for the fam? A 3-bedroom house can go for around €200,000. And, if you truly want to live life king-size, there are luxury properties that will set you back at about €500,000 at the top end. Quite a spread, huh?


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New flat in Sutomore 100 m from sand beach
  • New building
Flat ID=808
  • View of the sea
Flat ID=808


  • Rooms 3
  • Area 63 m2
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Got your heart set on making an investment and owning property in Uteha? Fabulous choice, my friend. It's a phenomenal place to invest and you've got solid profit potential. Rental yields are strong, especially with vacation rentals during the summer season. Property values are also on the rise, promising great appreciation over time. Trust me, real estate in Uteha is a treasure trove.

Now, about Uteha. This coastal town is like a little gem nestled against the Adriatic Sea. It's laid-back, offers stunning sea views, and brims with friendly locals. Plus, Uteha's sandy beaches are second to none- perfect for sunbathing and swimming. And guess what? It's got an adorable little church on a hill - The Church of St. Nicholas, offering the perfect spot for Instagrammable snaps. It's fairly quiet most of the year round, making it the perfect spot to unwind and recharge.

As for our agency services, we aim to hit bull's eye every single time. From hunting down the best residential homes or commercial spaces to guiding you through every step of the purchasing process, we've got your back. Heck, we can even help you with renovation and property management. So, if you're keen on uncovering the best property in Uteha, give us a nudge. We can lay out the red carpet with property listings that are juuust right for you or transport you straight to Uteha for a no-rush, look-see visit.

And remember, you don't need to do all the heavy lifting yourself. We’re here to help. So, let’s have a chat, eh? Investing in Uteha’s real estate could be the best decision you’ll make this year. What do you say?