Hey there, folks! Welcome aboard to those who are on the hunt for their dream houses and villas right here in the heart of Bogišići, Montenegro. Ring us up for some brilliant offers! Nothing screams 'home' like our Mediterranean-inspired villas, or maybe you prefer something more modern? Either way, we got what you're looking for.

Now, let's talk money. When buying property in Bogišići, you're looking at an average of about €1500 per square meter for a newly built villa. Houses? Well, they often go for around €1200 per square meter, but the price can vary based on location, amenities and so on. But hey, don't let those figures scare you away! Property here is certainly worth every penny.
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Luxury sea-view villa in Lustica Bay with private pool
  • Swimming pool
Panoramic luxury villa with a swimming pool
  • Swimming pool
Scenic 3-story home in Krasici with sea view and palm
  • View of the sea
Apartment building in Mazina 2
  • New building


Owning a house or villa in Bogišići is like owning a piece of paradise. Imagine basking in the gorgeous morning sun in your garden, or hosting barbecues with friends in your backyard as the sun sets over the Adriatic. With great weather all year round, this is the place to be. Every moment spent here is a memory to be cherished.

Picturesque Bogišići is not just about beautiful houses and villains. It is a vibrant place to live, drink in the natural beauty around, and the community, oh they are marvellous folks. Did you know that Bogišići was named after the famous scientist Valtazar Bogišić who was born here? His birth house is a sight to see! So you're buying into a neighbourhood soaked in history and tradition.

Our agency works tirelessly to help you settle down in Bogišići. We're ready to assist every step of the way, from negotiating deal to handling paperwork. Give us a buzz to see the latest on houses and villas in Bogišići, or better yet, swing by for a site visit or two. We promise you, it's going to be love at first sight.

Remember, finding a home is more than just walls and ceilings. It's the vibe, it's the people, and heck yeah, it's the life you'll be living in it. So, who's up for some house hunting? Give us a call today and let's find your dream home in Bogišići, shall we?