Welcome, folks! So you're searching for some prime real estate or a cozy little property out in Borje, Montenegro, huh? Can't say I blame ya. The place is a gem, but we'll get to that in a tick. Now if you're on the prowl for more info, echoes of some good deals, or if you're ready to jump right in and grab a slice of heaven, give us a bell and let us hook you up with the latest offers. Trust us, you'll want to be in on these deals.

When it comes to prices in Borje, we gotta be real here. Average price for a residential property is about €1,000 to €1,500 per square meter, but don't let that scare ya. Remember, this is only the average and the actual price tag can be a whole lot more inviting. There are smaller properties that start around €500 per square meter. Shop around a bit, have a chinwag with our team and we can definitely find something that'll fit your budget.


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Allow notifications to receive information in the browser about new objects according to your criteria

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Draft stage house is for sale in Borje
  • New building
Warm family House 102 m2, 1+3 in Kovacka Dolina
  • Balcony
House in Mezdo 1+2 90m2 is for sale
  • New building
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Owning a piece of real estate in Borje, that's the dream baby! It's not only a prime investment, but also a little taste of paradise. Property owners are treated with the same rights and privileges as locals. You'll be part of an incredible community in no time. And hey, rental income isn't something you can turn your nose up at considering Borje's growing popularity.

Now, let's rap about Borje. It's a snug little spot in Montenegro with a relaxed, laid-back vibe. The green hills, the picturesque landscapes, the welcoming locals, everything feels so... well, blissful. And if you're an outdoorsy type, you'll love the hiking in the nearby mountains. The scenery is class! I hear it’s the go-to place for pro photographers.

As your trusted real estate agency with years of experience under the old belt, we're here to help. Our services ensure you get a smooth deal and settle right into life in Borje. We guide you, negotiate on your behalf and handle all the official drudgery. So skip the stress and headaches, call us and we'll swing into action for you. We'll send you the juiciest listings or organize a visit if you're ready to hit the ground. The ball’s in your court!

So folks, once you've had your fill of the info here, make sure you pick up the phone and allow us to assist you further. Finding your dream property in Borje is much simpler with a bit of professional help. Let's get cracking on this together, shall we? Time's a tickin'!