Welcome, folks! Good to see you here, on the hunt for some prime real estate in beautiful Susanj, Montenegro. I assume you want something exciting and new to add to your portfolio, am I right? Shushan's got just the right deal for you, trust me! If you fancy getting more information about properties in this hidden gem, just put in a request. We've got a ton of great offers just waiting to be snatched up, so don't waste another second!

Heading over to pricing, you're probably wondering, "What's the cost of pierogi here in Shushan, anyhow?" Property prices here are as varied as the landscape. On average, for a spiffy, well-located apartment, expect to shell out about €1,500 to €2,000 per square meter. The price goes up if you're eyeing something with brilliant sea views or proximity to downtown. Neat, ain't it?


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New flat in Sutomore 100 m from sand beach
  • Furniture
Mini hotel with 10 apartments in the Bar Riviera for sale
  • View of the sea
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Now, owning property in Susanj is not just a financial investment. It's an emotional one, too. It feels amazing to own a chunk of this picturesque town, and not just for sunny summers. Picture this, your own cosy apartment, a cup of java in your hand and the sublime Montenegrin landscape out your window. That’s the dream, ain't it? Even better, you can rent it out when you're not around, make a few bucks on the side. How cool is that?

Let me tell you something about Shushan though. It's not just a real estate goldmine, it's a place that gives a whole new meaning to the phrase 'Living Life King Size'. Life here has a different rhythm, it's slower, more relaxed and the people, wow, they're just awesome! And the scenery, man, it's like something out of a dream with its endless blue seas, verdant hills and gold-dusted sunsets. Did I mention the seafood? It's lip-smacking good!

Services? We've got you covered! We don’t just sell properties, we introduce you to a whole new lifestyle. If you're still looking for just the right property or are planning a visit, why wait? Get in touch with us and we'll help you discover what it means to truly live in Shushan, Montenegro. We've got the keys to your future place, just a call away!

Remember, in Shushan, you're not just buying property. You're buying a whole lot of happiness! So, hit us up already and dive into the Shushan lifestyle. It’s worth it!