Hey there! Welcome to the pristine shores of Sveti Stefan, Montenegro, a real jewel of Adriatic Coast and a promising spot if you're on the lookout for real estate and property. We're brimming with irresistible offers just for you. So, don't hesitate to hit us up for more info and let us take you around.

Now let's talk some business, shall we? On average, properties in Sveti Stefan have a wide price range - it all goes down to what you fancy. Looking for an upscale villa or an apartment with a view? Those can cost a pretty penny, ranging from €5000 to €10,000 per square meter. But hey, not to worry if you're budget conscious, we've got options starting from around €2000 per square meter as well. Remember, the key to good real estate is always location, location, location.


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An apartment on Sveti Stefan 110 m2 with a sea view for sale
  • View of the sea
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Owning property in Sveti Stefan isn't any old walk in the park, no siree! Apart from a promising financial investment, it's about having your slice of paradise on earth. Imagine chilling on the beachfront every morning, sipping on a Montenegrin coffee, sounds cool, doesn’t it? Plus, Montenegro offers a favorable tax regime that makes property ownership a breeze. Now that's what I call a win-win!

So, you're wondering what life in Sveti Stefan is like, eh? It's like one long vacation! The ancient fortress, the untouched Adriatic coast, the heartwarming locals – they'll all have you falling head over heels for this place. Plus, did you know Sveti Stefan was a favorite spot of silver screen icons like Elizabeth Taylor and Sophia Loren?

Alright, moving on to how our agency can lend a hand. We offer comprehensive services - from choosing your property and signing the deal, right down to sorting out all those boring legalities. And the cherry on top? We're always here to guide you through every step of the process. So come on, it's time to make your move! Ask us for a listing, book a visit, and start your incredible journey to owning a piece of this Montenegrin paradise. Trust us, you're going to love it!