Land plots in Zhablyak

Zabljak is a small resort in Montenegro, 150 km from the sea, located in the picturesque area of Durmitor, surrounded by canyons and mountains, forests with lakes. If you are considering buying a plot of land in Zabljak, our real estate agency will help you choose and buy a plot based on the purpose of the purchase.

Zabljak is the second most popular ski resort in Montenegro, but the tourist infrastructure is being actively built, which raises the capitalization of real estate. The unique nature and mountains make Zabljak a year-round tourist resort in Montenegro.
A five-star hotel, several four-star hotels with a spa will be built in Zhablyak. In Europe, the media often mentions Zabljak and Montenegro as a top location for ecological recreation. Thus, over the next 5 years, Zhablyak expects a significant increase in the cost of land and real estate, especially for joining the European Union. Follow the news and articles on the site.

But the proximity of the Durmitor National Park of Montenegro imposes additional restrictions on the options for using land plots for building houses. You can't just build what you want. We will help you check the requirements for specific cadastral plots separately. Below is a part (even more proposals on the application) of land plots in Zhablyak for sale.
The proximity of the Durmitor National Park imposes additional restrictions on the use of land for the construction of houses. We will help you check the requirements for specific sites separately. Below is a part (more on individual request) plots of land in Zabljak for sale.
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Here are some important issues that you should pay attention to when buying land in Montenegro:

  1. Purpose of land acquisition: determine for what purposes you want to buy land - building your own house, agriculture, commercial activity or for investment in Montenegro. This will help determine what type of land you need.

  2. Legal status of the plot: before buying, make sure that the land has a status without encumbrances and that the seller is the rightful owner of the land. Also make sure there is a permission, so-called UTU.

  3. Plot size: Make sure that the size of the land meets your needs and the planned use. If you want to buy land for development, make sure that it is large enough to build the desired house and to create a convenient territory.

  4. Location of the land: evaluate a specific location and its proximity to the main roads and highways of Montenegro, shops, schools and other objects that are important to you.

  5. Infrastructure: make sure that the plot has access to water supply, sewerage, electricity, and other necessary infrastructure facilities.

  6. Price: Compare land prices in different districts of Zabljak and determine your budget for the purchase of land. Make sure that the sale price corresponds to the quality and potential use of the land. Now the land is sold on average from 30 to 250 euros per square.

The purchased plot can be used for the construction of a house or cottage with a couple of bedrooms, including rental, villas or estates, a hotel with a restaurant, residential apartment complexes with apartments or offices, eco villages, estates, farms or estates, or even just for investment purposes of capital preservation.

This is not an exhaustive list, but these issues are the main ones to consider when buying land in Montenegro. Do not forget to also consult with our lawyer and specialists.