Hey there! Welcome all you lovely folks hunting for the dreamiest flats and apartments in the heart of Budva, Montenegro. Oh, don't be shy now, dive right in and swim through our extensive collection of properties. And remember, if you can't spot the perfect home right off, just shout out to us and we'll pop more options right into your inbox.

Alrighty then, let's talk numbers, shall we? On an average, you're looking at shelling out around €2000 to €3000 per square meter for an apartment in Budva. Sure, it’s a bit pricey, but totally worth it, I promise. The luxurious flats smack in the centre could cost you a bit more, like up to €5000 per square meter. Details, right? But of course, the price tag accompanies some pretty awesome features, kitted out until they're bursting at the seams with class and comfort.
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Furnished one bedroom apartment 58m2 in Budva
  • View of the sea


Buying a flat or apartment in Budva is like catching a golden goose. No kidding. First off, you get to enjoy a cracker of an investment. Property values are always escalating here. You get the double dip- a permanent vacay spot and a money spinner 'cos you can rent out the place when you're not around. It's a win-win, the best of both worlds. No more dragging your feet, amigo.

Now onto Budva. Ooh la la, where do I start? It's the belle of the ball on the Montenegrin coast. Brace yourself for some breath-taking beaches, sun-soaked cliffs and spirited nightlife. Get ready for an endless summer, 'cos Budva boasts of 270 days of sunshine. You'd be living in the heart of history, with the old town dating back to the 5th century. It's not just a postcard from paradise. It’s alive, pulsating with the vibrancy of the moment. Sure is the cherry on the cake!

Our Agency is your one stop shop in assuring you bag a bang for your buck and more. We sweep every nook and cranny of Budva for listings, and sync them right to your device. We ain't just chit chatting here mate, we offer customized plans based on your budget and preferences. And remember, we're here to sort you out. So, step right up! Brace yourself for an interesting adventure in house hunting in the magical locale of Budva. Can't wait to hear from you soon, folks! Let's get cracking and find you your piece of paradise in Budva. Let the good times roll!