Hey there, I see you're cruising for a house or villa in beautiful Petrovac, Montenegro. Can't blame you! This place has it all, from sun-kissed seashores to rustic mountain landscapes. Now, if you've seen some properties that you're wild about but you want even more, I've got good news - our agency has more offers that'll knock your socks off! Just reach out to us, and we'll let you in on the best houses and villas Petrovac has to offer.

So, you're probably wondering about prices, right? Well, on average, a villa in Petrovac will set you back around €250k to €300k. Bit of a heavy tag, right? But remember, we're talking about homes that are full of character and nestled in a slice of paradise. Now, if a house is more your style, you're looking at something between €70k to €150k. Now, that ain't pocket change, but for a slice of Petrovac, it's a price many are willing to pay.
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Two houses in Petrovac 400 m from the sea
  • Furniture
Three floors villa in Petrovac with sea view
  • Furniture
Villa with pool in Rezevici 100 metres from the sea
  • View of the sea


Owning a home here, let me tell ya, it's more than just having a holiday spot. It's like owning a piece of heaven right here on earth. Whether it's a rustic house or a posh villa, you're not just buying property, but a lifestyle of tranquillity and contentment. Plus, let's be honest, you'd have serious bragging rights among your peers for owning a home in such a picturesque locale.

Speaking of Petrovac, this place is something else! It's a small coastal town with a big heart and soul. With a population of just a tad more than a thousand, it whispers of a life of peace and slow-paced charm. But don't let the size fool ya, Petrovac is splattered with excitement. From century-old fortresses to beautiful pebbly beaches, it's a tapestry of beauty. Oh, and the food? Mouth-watering! The seafood here, fresh off the Adriatic, will have you craving for seconds.

Now our agency can hook you up! We've got an impressive list of houses and villas, so you're spoilt for choice. Ready to dive into this Mediterranean dream? Request for our listings, schedule a visit, let us show you why Petrovac can be your very own piece of paradise.

So that's pretty much it. You keen on taking the next step? Then let's get this show on the road! Give us a bell or drop a line, and we'll set you up pronto! Enjoy the rest of your day you property pirate, and remember, your dream home in Petrovac is just a call away!

Now, I'll get back to work, clean up the jargon, correct the grammar, and tailor the text for you. It's all part of the service, my friend. I may play fast and loose with language, but when it comes to your property dreams, we ensure precision and professional service.