Well, hey, fancy seeing you here! You must be on the hunt for a dreamy holiday home or maybe planning your big move to Bar, Montenegro. Isnt that place a jewel? If you cant stop fantasizing about plush houses and luxury villas in Bar, then buddy, you are so in the right place! Lets kick off your exciting journey right here. You need more options? Just reach out to us, and trust me, well shower you with plenty of fab house and villa offerings in Bar.

You might now be thinking, how much is it gonna cost me? Well, let me tell you, Bar aint the most expensive place on the Adriatic coast. The average price of a villa or house in Bar swings around €150k-€350k. Could be a tad lower, could be a smidge higher, that depends a lot on the location and condition of the property. But seriously, for a charming home right near the sea, aint that a sweet deal?
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Seaside home 142 m2 in Sutomore with stunning view
  • Near the sea
New house in Shushan with view 1km from sea
  • View of the sea


Not to get all serious, but owning a house or a villa in Bar not only means holidaying in style, but also, its an excellent chance for lucrative rental income. Just imagine the ever-growing tourists flocking every summer, needing a cozy spot to tide over their holiday. That could be your villa theyre daubing sun lotion in. If youre up for it, we can break down this aspect more for you!

Bar, Oh, man! Its less of a town, really, and more like one massive chill spot. With the sun smiling down nearly 270 days a year, its the perfect spot for sun lovers. Plus, with the breathtakingly beautiful Adriatic Sea on one side and rugged mountains on the other, every view is postcard-worthy. And did I mention that Bar is home to the worlds oldest olive tree? Thats right; were talking over 2000 years old. Talk about being rooted in history!

Now, you must be thinking, whats in it for us? Well, besides being your friendly neighborhood real estate gurus, we also offer services like legal support, property management, and even renovation services. So, basically, were a one-stop-shop for all your property needs in Bar. Want to check out more listings or even planning a property visit? All youve gotta do is buzz us, and well get it all sorted.

So, my friend, weve got a lot in store, and Bar is ready and waiting. You ready to dive in? Were absolutely stoked to help you out on this journey. And trust me, there aint no mountain high enough, or villa too luxury, but we wont climb or find it for you. Lets make that dream of yours a reality. Lets make you a happy homeowner in the alluring town of Bar, Montenegro!