Hello folks, just landed on our page for houses and villas in the alluring Burtashi, Montenegro? You're in for a treat! Plunge into our diverse offerings, just tap that "Request More Offers" button, and let's get you into your dream place in Burtashi.

Let's talk prices, shall we? Say you're eyeing a quaint house here in Burtashi, expect to shell out around €100k to €200k, depending on the size and location. Oh, yes, luxury villas! Well, they're another breed entirely. With breathtaking views and top-notch amenities, villas typically go for anywhere between €500k and 1.5 million. These prices, they might seem a bit much, but honey, they're worth every penny!
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Family 2 store house 176 m2 in Bar, Polje
  • Parking
New villa 205 m2 in Bar with sea view
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Okay, so you've splurged on a house or a villa in Burtashi. Good for you! It's more than just possessing a set of keys, though. Think about the unmatched tranquility, splendid surroundings and the sense of belonging that comes with owning a residence in this lovely part of Montenegro. You can stroll around your garden sipping coffee, or how about throwing a barbecue party for your friends in your lavish backyard? Total freedom, baby!

Ever wondered what's it like to live in Burtashi? Imagine wandering around picturesque streets, admiring awe-inspiring landscapes, getting to know friendly locals - it's like stepping into a storybook! The lovely local cafes serving lip-smacking delicacies, the serene Adriatic Sea just a stone's throw away, the list goes on. One fun fact: the old Bar Fortress, a striking historical landmark, is just a short drive away. Your Instagram is gonna love it!

With our agency services, we aim to make your property search smooth as silk and full of delightful surprises. You're not just buying a property, you're starting a new chapter in an exciting new locale. So, what are you waiting for? Request for our houses and villas listings or even better, schedule a visit today! Just hit the "Request Listings" or "Schedule a Visit" buttons. Trust us, we're pros at making your dreams come true.

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