Hey there, land seekers! Youre here in the right spot if youre dreaming about owning a piece of heaven in Bar, Montenegro. From amazing views to prime locations, weve got it all. But, lets not waste time. Yall should really reach out to us right away and get the ball rolling on receiving some exclusive Bar land deals. You wont know whats out there until you ask, eh?

So, youre probably wondering, "how much does land in Bar cost on average?" Well, its a bit like asking how long is a piece of string. It truly depends on the location, size, view and all that jazz, but just to give you a ballpark figure, were talking about €50 to €150 per square meter. Remember, everything is negotiable in real estate, even more so when were talking about raw land.
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Big land plot in the Bar with panoramic view
  • Parking
For sale big plot of land 1704 m2 in Sutomore
  • Parking
Land plot in Dobra Voda on the first line of the sea
  • View of the sea


Why should you own land in Bar? Well, the real question is why shouldnt you? Despite its tiny footprint, Bar is a sublime mishmash of stunning views, charming old town, and relaxing beaches. Owning a piece of land here is like having a golden ticket to paradise. Not to mention, lands one of the best investments, pal. It doesnt depreciate, it doesnt wear out, it doesnt get used up. Plus, theres a wonderful sense of freedom when youre the king or queen of your own patch of land.

Need more convincing? Lets talk about life in Bar. Do you fancy waking up to sunrises over the Adriatic Sea or hiking in the majestic mountains? In Bar, you can do both. The climate is a real treat, with Mediterranean warmth and plenty of sun to keep your spirits up. If youre into history, theres Stari Bar, an old fortified town, oozing with fascinating tales. But hey, lets not forget about finger-lickin local cuisine! A land in Bar could mean your very own orchard of olives and citrus fruits, too.

At our agency, were all about making dreams come true. From digging out the finest lands to guiding you through the buying process, weve got your back. Believe us, you wont find a more dedicated crew of land-loving rascals, ready to get you the perfect plot. So dont be shy! Reach out right now to get your hands on our latest listings. Remember, the seaside landscape of Bar, Montenegro is waiting for your footprint.