Hey there, land-seeker! You've stumbled upon the right stop - we've got some prime slices of earth in Shushan, Montenegro, just waiting for someone like you. Get in touch quick, 'cause what's on offer today might be gone tomorrow. Don't be shy, ask us for more and we promise, we'll serve it up.

Let's talk numbers, alright? Average land price in Shushan, it's a steal. You're looking at about €60-€100 per square meter. But hey, keep your chin up, we're known for working deals. Spotting bargains and snatching them up before anyone else knows they're up for grabs, it's kinda our thing.
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Stunning sea view land 1370 m2 in Bar for 2 villas
  • View of the sea
Big land plot in the Bar with panoramic view
  • Featured
For sale big plot of land 1704 m2 in Sutomore
  • Parking
Land plot in Dobra Voda on the first line of the sea
  • View of the sea


Owning land in Shushan, it's not just a purchase, it's a lifestyle upgrade. Imagine, having your own piece of this beautiful Balkan paradise. Build your dream house, open a little eco-tourism venture, the possibilities are wild. The laws are pretty chill too, no mess, no fuss. With a little bit of paperwork, and a touch of our magic, it's all yours.

Shushan, oh boy, it's a hoot! Nestled between the rugged hills and the glimmering sea, it's the kind of place postcards are made of. A sleepy coastal town with an old-world charm, it'll remind you of your grandma's home-baked bread. Warm, comfy, full of love. And don't even get me started on the local wine, it's criminally good!

As for us, we're not just selling land, we're crafting dreams. We handle everything, from finding you the perfect plot to going through the paperwork maze. We do it all with a skip in our step and a song in our hearts. Just to see that big beaming smile on your face when you hold those land deeds, it's worth it! So how 'bout it, ready to take a peek at our listings? Maybe even set foot on your future land? Hurry and give us a holler.

Whew! That was a mouthful. You know, je ne sais quoi... Articulating this perfectly, making sure nothing's out of place. Oh well, promise I ain't making stuff up. It's all good, and it's all true. Here's to hoping it strikes a chord with you! Now, let's get to work, shall we?