Hey there, folks! Are you in the hunt for a sweet deal on houses and villas in Krashichi, Montenegro? We've got a stack of offers jampacked with charm and potential. Let's chat about what you're after. Buzz us up or drop us an email, and we'll send some top-notch Krashichi house and villa offers your way.

Now, let's jabber about price tags – no one likes surprises, right? On average, you're looking at coughing up around 200,000 Euros for a cozy, middle-range house in Krashichi. Fancy a bit more posh with a villa? Those babies start around 600,000 Euros. Remember, these prices are flexible. A bit of haggling could see you nabbing a bargain.
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House for sale in Stoliv for hostel or mini hotel
  • Balcony
Exclusive villa on the first line in Tivat
  • Furniture
Panoramic luxury villa with a swimming pool
  • Near the sea


Owning a home or villa here is a no-brainer, folks. Aside from soaking up the breathtaking Montenegrin beauty daily, property appreciation rates here are climbing fast. Plus, there's the comfort and freedom that comes with being your own landlord. Not to mention, if you've got an eye on retirement, this is a positively stellar destination.

Krashichi? It's like a slice of paradise. Nestled between emerald hills and the azure Adriatic Sea, it's an absolute stunner. The local grub's lip-smackingly good, the people are friendly, and the ambiance is as laid-back as a hammock in a gentle breeze. Nearly forgot to mention - we've got some pretty impressive old stone churches filled to the brim with history. You won't need a postcard when you live here!

Our agency? Yup, we do all the legwork so you don't have to. Property searching, paperwork, negotiations, you name it. Want to feel the carpets between your toes before committing? We can organize that too. Don't be a stranger. Drop us a line to get the latest listings or arrange a visit to houses and villas in Krashichi. We can't wait to help you find your new home sweet home!