Hey there, all you home hunters and villa voyagers, welcome to the good life in Uteha, Montenegro! Ya know, there ain't nothing like owning your own slice of paradise in such an amazing place. Why not hitch a ride with us? Chuck us an email or click on that nice little "request more info" button. Don't be shy, we have a number of dreamy houses and villas just waitin' to be claimed by savvy folks like yourselves.

Let's talk brass tacks now. Prices here in Uteha? Well, they're surprisingly affordable, even for the most luxurious villas. The average price tag on a house is around 200,000 euros and for a villa, it's roughly 500,000 euros. Now, that might sound like a steep pile of dough, but rest assured you're getting serious bang for your buck in this realm of understated elegance.
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Luxury sea-view 200 m2 home in Utjeha, Montenegro
  • View of the sea
200m2 Villa in Kruce-sea proximity
  • Parking


Now, owning property in Uteha, whether you're into houses or villas, opens up a whole new world, my friends. Think uninterrupted sea views, fresh olives from your garden, quiet mornings sipping coffee on your terrace. Not to mention, it's a heck of a good investment. Property value in this neck of the woods has been steadily climbing, and it doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

Onto Uteha itself—honestly, it's like stepping into a postcard. Charming towns, awe-inspiring nature, crystal clear waters. The folks are warm and friendly, everything's within reach, and the food...let me tell ya, the seafood’s something to write home about. And talk about sights to see! There’s the impressive Old Olive Tree, over 2,000 years old, and the stunning Bar Aqueduct. You won’t get bored here, that's for sure.

On the subject of, well "us", we’re a full-service agency here to make your property dreams come true. We'll help ya find your perfect house or villa, walk you through the paperwork, arrange viewings...you name it, we do it! So don't be a stranger, drop us a line, let's see what magic we can make happen in gorgeous Uteha.

So, buckaroos, that's the low-down on houses and villas in Uteha. Hope you dig the idea as much as we do! Remember, all it takes is one click or a quick email, and the keys to your sea-view villa or cozy house could be in your hands. Catch ya on the flip side! Remember, Uteha waits for no one! Let's get rollin’!